The Applied Behavior Center for Autism is the only ABA provider that has its own Research Department. Comprised of Board Certified Behavior Analysts, ABC’s research team utilizes a number of different research designs to evaluate treatments and treatment procedures. ABC is committed to providing the most cutting edge, scientifically validated services to our clients. Our research is presented at state and national conferences in order to improve the science of behavior analysis, with our team members having presented at ABA conferences and published in the Journal for Applied Behavior Analysis.

Some of our presentations include:

  • Utilizing Alternative Communication Skills to Decrease Self-Injurious Behavior
  • Effects of Video Modeling on Increasing the Frequency of Initiating Peer Interactions
  • Effects of Discrete Trial Training and Precision Teaching on the Listener Responding Repertoire of a Non-Vocal Adolescent
  • Use of a Changing Criterion Differential Reinforcement Procedure to Reduce Aggression, Disruption, and Self-Injurious Behavior in an Adolescent with Autism
  • An Evaluation of a Treatment Package Consisting of Discrimination Training and Differential Reinforcement with Response Cost and a Self-Management Tracking System on Off Topic Vocalizations in an Adolescent with Autism
  • Use of Differential Reinforcement of Alternative Behavior to Increase Appropriate Behavior and Decrease Maladaptive Behavior in a Young Child with Autism
  • Toilet Training: Teaching an Individual with High Rates of Aggression, Limited Communication Skills, and an Autism Spectrum Disorder to Independently Mand for the Bathroom
  • Decreasing Vocal Stereotypy During Functional Activities in a Child with Autism
  • Increasing Compliance with Hair Brushing in a Child with Autism
  • Designing Receptive Language Programs: Pushing the Boundaries of Research and Practice