Starting Early for a Brighter Future

Looking to start autism therapy services early for your child? We have specialized programming to help children ages 6 and under grow and thrive.

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Here For You, Every Step of the Way

We know how overwhelming it feels to receive an autism diagnosis. Many of our employees – including our founder – have children on the spectrum and live this life every single day. At the Applied Behavior Center for Autism, we put our families and our kids first, standing by your side every step of the way. Then we deliver real results, providing each child with a personalized, multi-faceted plan to help them grow and thrive, no matter what it takes.

Early Intervention Programming

While we work with children of all ages at our regular locations, we have two centers exclusively for children ages 6 and under. Our Early Childhood Centers are specifically designed in response to research demonstrating the benefits of early intervention. We focus on group instruction, social and play skills development, and developmental language and learning skills, building the foundation that will change your child's life for the better.

Early Childhood Center

Early Childhood Center
7857 E. 88th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46256

Early Childhood Center - South

Early Childhood Center - South
5545 E. Stop 11 Road
Indianapolis, IN 46237

Get Started Today

Whether you suspect your child might have autism or you already have a diagnosis and are looking for the right services, we can help. Fill out our brief inquiry form and our enrollment team will be in touch shortly.