The Early Childhood Difference

The Early Childhood Difference

When you walk through the doors of an Early Childhood Center from the Applied Behavior Center for Autism, you will see a dynamic difference in the atmosphere and therapy compared to most centers.

Our Early Childhood Centers are designed for our youngest learners, from 18 months to 7 years old.

Our therapy is play-based, using the best practices from Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) specifically for children 7 and younger.

While we implement evidence-based practices of ABA, we also realize that your child is a child. We know your child is still reaching for developmental milestones. We reference child development charts when creating your child’s program, and we also follow a gentle approach when reducing behaviors. For example, we realize that all kids cry sometimes because they are KIDS, and they are still learning other ways to cope with the situations they encounter. We want to be the ones to help them learn those other ways to cope.

We move around a lot! Most of our learners don’t have set rooms for learning. Instead, we have theme-based rooms (art, games, play sets, pretend, pre-academic, task completion toys, reading, cause and effect toys, blocks, gross motor activities, etc.) in which children can choose to learn new skills.

Our ultimate goal is to remediate the symptoms of autism and help a child catch up to their peers. To help accomplish this, we partner with local school districts and community preschools to have a child eventually attend school as part of their ABA treatment.

While we acknowledge other centers may say they implement these same ideas, we invite you, along with your child, to come for a tour so you can see for yourself the Early Childhood Difference!

Jennifer LaMarca
Clinical Research Director, Branch Behavior Analyst

The Applied Behavior Center for Autism has two Early Childhood Centers in Indianapolis; one in the Castleton area and one in Franklin Township. If you’re interested in enrolling your child, contact us today at 317-849-5437 or go to

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